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How does work?

What is is a service that allows to display unlimited prize pages for traffic exchanges, and from which members can claim for a cash prize.

To participate in WeeklyPrize you must first register and be a member, or owner, of a Traffic Exchange site.

Traffic Exchange owners must add their domain name to WeeklyPrize.

Each owner of a Traffic Exchange buys a prize page that can be displayed on their site throughout the week (Monday to Sunday).

Then, each WeeklyPrize member, by surfing through Traffic Exchanges that have purchased the WeeklyPrize prize page, can claim their prize through that prize page.

What is the prize?

When the owners of the Traffic Exchanges buy the prize page of WeeklyPrize, a Pool is accumulated. Then the Pool is divided among all the prize pages claimed during the week. That is, if there is a Pool of $50 and the prize pages have been claimed 200 times, each prize page claimed will have a value of $0.25. So, if you have claimed 8 WeeklyPrize prize pages during the week your account will receive $2. The more prize pages you claim, the more money you earn!

From the members area and on the prize page itself you will be able to see the value of the Pool, the prize value of each prize page, and the total number of prize pages claimed during the week. These values can change throughout the week, since a Traffic Exchange owner can buy the prize page from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59, and the prize pages can also be claimed from Monday to Sunday.

This week we have:



Prizes claimed


Prize value




The participation of each member of WeeklyPrize is free.

Come on!. Join now and start claiming WeeklyPrize prize pages from participating Traffic Exchanges.